Alibi Security Cloud VS Success Story - Store-All Storage

May 7th, 2020

Although Store-All was a multi-site growing business, they struggled to secure their customer’s belongings with full coverage, 24/7 surveillance system. Read on how the Alibi Security’s Cloud VS platform led to a perfect security solution.

The Client

Store-All provides high-quality storage solutions throughout the Charleston and Hurricane area of West Virginia. In the past several years, they’ve experienced steady growth and transitioned from a single location to a multi-site business.  

The Challenge

Although they had a security system in place, insufficient camera coverage and delayed alerts were causing criminal activity to take place – affecting their business from liability, safety, and profit perspective: 

  • Trespasser activity. Although their camera system picked up trespasser activity, delayed alert notification and low-resolution cameras prevented management from having the means to detect and identify trespassing activity in real-time. Because their camera system was an older model, it wasn’t set up to support advanced analytics technology. As a result, they received false alerts more than true, accurate intrusion detection (which would otherwise allow them to prevent theft).
  • Multiple break-ins. In the last couple of months, the owners experienced a spike in canceled contracts due to numerous storage unit break-ins. Although Store-All offered customers 24/7 video surveillance, they knew their existing system didn’t provide enough coverage or modern technology to protect their assets adequately.  

What they required were sophisticated analytics capabilities that could accurately alert them to trespasser activity in real-time, and provide high-resolution coverage for clear surveillance in their most critical areas.

The Solution 

After considering options from several providers, they chose Alibi Cloud VS because of its video analytics capabilities and cost-effective, scalable solution. Two cloud-enabled dome cameras were installed in front and along the side of their gated front entrance. Now, when trespassers hop over the front entrance gate, the owners are immediately sent an instant notification by email and to their mobile device in real-time. This has already provided them with an improved accuracy their previous security system did not offer. 

The Outcome

Within a few short months, Store-All has already begun seeing a significant improvement in its security. The advanced analytics allows them to create zones and adjust camera sensitivity based on their most critical areas, which has dramatically reduced their number of false alarms. High-resolution cloud cameras have allowed them to not only assist law enforcement with identifying trespassers but deter them from coming onto the property in the first place. With Alibi Cloud VS in place, they’re now able to deliver on their promise to their renters, while securing their assets for the future.



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