Why Security-Grade Monitors Matter for Surveillance

December 4th, 2023

Whether at home or work in Fort Wayne, IN, quality matters when it comes to security and monitoring equipment. Professional/security grade is truly superior to standard display systems. Cheaper monitors can quickly burn out, especially with extensive use. So consider the upgrade, even if it does mean spending more up front to invest in your system.

Continual use

Security grade monitors are built for ongoing, continual use. Consumer grade systems don't have proper ventilation and aren't built for ongoing use, making them prone to burn out quickly. Proper ventilation, limits the ability to overheat, and the ability to set them up nearly anywhere, allows you to keep them running day and night, for optimal security around the clock.

You can mount them anywhere

One drawback of consumer systems is they can't be set up in portrait view; many don't have video electronic standard associations either. Security grade monitors have the capability of being mounted anywhere in Fort Wayne, IN, and are up to code on VESA standards. You have few, to no restrictions when it comes to setting them up anywhere you choose for monitoring needs. You can even mount multiple systems at once, if you are using them in a larger scale area, such as shopping mall or major business which requires added security throughout.

More connections and more control

Security grade equipment features more peripherals and ports/input slots. You can even lock out various inputs with the security features which are built into these superior systems. So employees in Fort Wayne, IN can't plug in a DVR or gaming device; you know they are constantly monitoring your store or business, eliminating the threats which are out there to attack your business (or your residence) at any given time.

Better warranties

With consumer grade systems you are lucky to get a 90-day warranty, some even state in fine print that you can void these warranties if you don't use the camera exactly to the specifications which they have laid out in the directions. So you are basically buying a system which is going to last you a few months, possibly up to a year, before you are going to have problems with it. Security grade monitors feature a multi-year warranty, so you have the piece of mind in knowing that your investment is going to be taken care of for years to come. If something does go wrong (which it is not likely to be the case) you are covered and are not going to be paying a high cost to have repair work done on your system. And, you don't have to worry about replacing the security grade monitor every few years, as is the case with consumer grade systems.

Benefits are limitless

Government control features, law enforcement, healthcare; you name the type of business in Fort Wayne, IN and dedicated use, and you can probably use your security grade monitor in that capacity.

It is not only cost effective, it is far superior quality you receive from security grade equipment. So even if you pay more up front, you'll reap the benefits, and you definitely are going to save on the costs over time as well.