Top 5 Security Camera System Features

February 6th, 2024

It is indisputable that video security technology in Fort Wayne, IN has changed drastically and improved over the last two decades. One thing has been changed significantly are the features. If you are going for a security camera shopping today, the list of features will be different compared to a decade ago. Regardless of the type of camera that you interest in, the following are top 5 security camera system features to look for:

1. Night Vision Monitoring

With the need to keep a 24-hour security system in Fort Wayne, IN, you need to go for a camera that can capture clear details on video at night. With the strict monitoring and surveillance of the security apparatus during the day, most of the criminals opt to carry out break-ins and vandalism at night. You need to have a camera that can capture these images at night to identify the criminals. This is why night vision monitoring is one of the key features that you need to look out for. Cameras with infrared LEDs, soft for true day/night and IR cut filters are some of the ways that you night vision monitoring.

2. Weatherproof Camera Housing

Unlike the past when security cameras were used for internal purposes, they have also been widely applied for exterior purposes. This has made time quite sensitive to changes in weather changes and this includes temperature, humidity, and dirt among many others. There are cameras that are sensitive to these weather changes in Fort Wayne, IN and this is what is referred to as the waterproof cameras. These cameras are designed in a manner that their operations are not affected by these variables. The quality of the video image is not affected by changes in weather. This is a key factor that you need to look for.

3. Motion detection and Recording

One of the key challenges that have many security camera systems is the storage capacity. In most cases, the security system is set for continuous recording and maybe overwrite the previous recording to create more space. The amount of capacity that is required huge and also some essential information may be lost after has been overwritten. But this problem is being addressed by the introduction of the motion detection and recording. With this system, the camera will only record once it detects some motion. Little space will be used and crucial data is retained.

4. H.264 Compression

This is one of the key features that you need to look for. It is the latest video compression codec that will significantly reduce the demand on your video recorder's storage and also the transmission bandwidth. Compared to some of the available codec such as MPEG-4, H.264 uses half of the bandwidth while maintaining the same quality of the video during transmission. This makes it one of the key features to look for.

5. Remote Access on Tablets/Smartphones

Unlike the past when you could only get the live recording on the monitor at a fixed place, you can now view the images on gadget from anywhere. Technology has made it possible to access the security system on smartphones or tablets via mobile apps. Make sure that you have selected the system that allows for remote access. With such system, you can over your Fort Wayne home, children or business premises from any part of the world.

These are the key features that you need to look for while shopping for security cameras. With these features, you can sit pretty knowing that you have a super-efficient system in place.