Tips To Improve Fisheye Cameras Surveillance Performance

February 15th, 2024

The fisheye camera is a great choice for security surveillance in Fort Wayne, IN but you must install them properly. When placed and configured properly, these cameras will ensure comprehensive coverage of your Fort Wayne business, home or office. In this article, we will provide you with tips that will ensure that you have gotten the best out of the fisheye camera and point out the common flaws or pitfall to avoid.

How to improve Situation Awareness with Fisheye Cameras

There is one misconception that you can replace multiple other cameras across your entire surveillance network in Fort Wayne, IN. While this can be true, we would emphasize that relying on a sole camera type might not be a prudent decision. Each camera has its pros and cons and thus you may need to combine different cameras to get the best surveillance network. For instance, fisheye cameras are great in providing a wide field of view but aren't ideal for depth field. They are also not ideal for constant monitoring and picking fine details. Therefore, replacing the entire surveillance network with these cameras may not be a brilliant idea.

To improve your surveillance system in Fort Wayne, IN, we recommend a combination of the fisheye camera with megapixel cameras. The fisheye camera will provide an overview of the coverage space while the megapixel will produce the finer details. In this way, the former will detect potential event while the latter identify the subject. This way, you will be addressing the weaknesses in both cameras to form a powerful surveillance system.

Proper Camera Placement To Maximizing on Capture Potential

The key pitfalls with fisheye cameras are shallow depth of field and images warping towards the edge. But you can improve this by placing them correctly for optimal results. Here are some of the tricks that you use:

1. Avoid corners

By placing the camera at the corner reduces the camera's coverage area. This will significantly reduce the efficiency of the surveillance system. Always make sure that you have placed the camera in the middle of the room.

2. Maintain a Consistent lighting

If you want to get quality images from fisheye camera, you must keep ambient lighting consistent in Fort Wayne, IN. If there are changes such as expanded field of view, make sure that you have adjusted the lighting to compensate for the changes.

3. Make Sure Both Detection and Identification Needs are Addressed

For the quality of the surveillance in terms of video, you need to make sure that both identification and detection features are properly set. You must ensure that the camera placement aligns with the identification areas. If you cannot do this, then you can combine the fisheye camera with the megapixel camera for better surveillance quality and network.

If you are interested in 180-degree cameras, these tips will be of great help:

Place the camera at center. This is the best way that you can capture as many details as possible. You will manage to capture a wider field.

Choose the appropriate height. A good height will help you get the best that can capture useful evidential footage without wasting megapixel on unnecessary sceneries.

Even with some of these pitfalls, a fisheye camera is a powerful addition to your surveillance system in Fort Wayne, IN. It works exemplary well when combined with other cameras such a megapixel. Just follow these tips and you will get the best out of it.