Security Cameras Can Improve A Warehouses Bottom Line

June 16th, 2022

If you’re familiar with how a business operates, you know there are many ways for a company to lose money.  You need to buy equipment for your company, pay rent or buy a location, pay your employees’ wages, pay premiums on your insurance, and so on.  You can also lose money by hiring workers who aren’t efficient enough, bad employees who steal from the company, burglars and shoplifters who take your property, and other losses.  Security is a form of loss prevention, and for warehouses in Fort Wayne, IN that security should include surveillance cameras.


Cameras of every make and description provide a deterrence factor when you place them in visible locations.  Installing an obvious security camera lets your employees know that someone will be watching them, and installing other cameras outdoors can let burglars know that someone could spot them before they even enter the building.  Through deterrence, surveillance cameras can prevent employee theft, burglary, and incidents between employees that could lead to a lawsuit against the company.

Motion Detection And Recording

Old surveillance cameras needed to be always on and always recording if you wanted to spot burglars or dishonest employees.  However, today you can get cameras with motion detection and alert systems that can turn on when someone approaches them and will automatically alert you or your security staff just before sending and recording the live feed.  This system makes it much easier to spot burglars trying to break in after all the employees go home.

Camera-Down Alerts

If your warehouse in Fort Wayne, IN occupies a large building and you have an extensive number of cameras, it can be hard to tell why a camera goes down or even why it happens.  Both dishonest employees and burglars can take advantage of this by cutting feed lines or disabling cameras directly so they can get in without having a camera spot or record them.  You can prevent this by getting software that will send out an alert when a camera goes down for any reason.

Remote Viewing

Wireless feeds and IP connections allow today’s cameras to be fully compatible with any authorized mobile device.  That means you can log into a security app on your smartphone and view any of your encrypted camera feeds or recordings from anywhere in the world.  This allows you to check up on your security staff, get security alerts through your phone, and see how well your employees are working when you aren’t supervising in person.

Security is important for loss prevention, and security cameras can prevent several kinds of loss.  Inefficiencies, dangerous incidents, theft, burglary, are just some of the losses that you can use cameras to catch, record, and present later during lawsuits, criminal trials, or else meetings with employees about how to improve their work effectiveness.  However, it’s important to have the right kinds of cameras for the right jobs, and so you should take care to choose the right company in Fort Wayne, IN to help you choose models and install your new camera system.