Optimize Security For Multiple Locations

February 18th, 2022

If you’re fortunate enough to have a growing business in Fort Wayne, IN, then you may have multiple sites as a part of your business to manage. While it’s tough enough to efficiently run the day to day operations in a coordinated fashion between different locations, this also presents another factor; security.

Security in an individual business in Fort Wayne, IN can be managed with a single system, but how does this apply when you have different locations? What is the best way to ensure that all of your locations are safe, and you are “in the loop” about what’s happening?

Cameras Are Essential

One of the most important cornerstones of any location’s security is a good camera network. For decades, security cameras have proven their worth, both as deterrents and, in the worst case scenarios, investigative aids when a crime has occurred.

As a deterrent, cameras prevent crime by sending a warning to thieves that they will have to put in much more work to succeed at robbing a facility. An area with no security personnel and no camera is much easier to steal from since it’s much more difficult to identify culprits who exercise care with leaving trace evidence. On the other hand, a camera watching a facility not only shows the exact date and time of an intrusion, but it also gives away critical clues like the point of entry, movement through the facility and identifying characteristics of intruders like height, weight, and clothing.

The CCTV Issue

The biggest problem with older security camera systems was their self-contained nature. A camera system, once installed, could only broadcast images to one destination; a single monitor within the security center of that building. The only solution to cameras for different locations was each facility having its individual security center.

This made coordination of security difficult. It required constant coordination between security centers to share any relevant information. It also presented complications for managers that might want centralized access to such information since it either had to compiled and relayed or required individual visits to each facility.

The Wireless Solution

With a wireless camera system, many of these issues are taken care of. Wireless cameras are not limited to transmitting an image only to one source. The images can be viewed from a traditional security center, or on any computing device authorized to receive images, such as a desktop computer, laptop computer, or even phone.

What’s more, because, the images are stored digitally, on the Internet, any image from any camera on an authorized network can be viewed in any configuration a manager wants. If you want to configure only warehouse security, you can do that. If you want only images from the cashier counters of different locations, you can do that too. If you want automatic notifications of anything noteworthy being caught on these cameras, you can set your system and staff to do just that.

Having multiple locations to a business in Fort Wayne, IN can be complicated. But using modern security systems for wireless remote viewing is one way you can centralize your security and still retain control. Contact us and ask us for more details on how to implement this for your business.