How AI Is Enhancing Security Technology

January 19th, 2022

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning, technology is becoming more sophisticated. One technology AI will be of great benefit is in the security industry. AI will not only help identify events like current technologies but will use smart algorithms to also determine follow up action. If you are looking to take your Fort Wayne security system to the next level, it’s time to start thinking about incorporating AI technologies.

How AI Works

AI is a very complex software that takes a large amount of data and use intelligent algorithms to help the software learn automatically from patterns and features within the data. Identifying patterns and features can help the software take the actions normally taken by a human. For example, you will enter a sequence of data about your property, such as when your employees come on site. Then you will program the software to identify times that fall outside of this range. If an entry happens outside of the identified time ranges, you can then program the software to react accordingly.

AI And The Security Industry

In the security industry, there are multiple ways to incorporate AI. The most useful is by interfacing with sensor technology. Sensor technology already aids in motion detection, access entry, and even property damage. Usually, when a sensor is triggered, it sends an alert to your human security staff and they will then take appropriate action. With AI, it will not only use the sensor to detect an incident it will also recognize what is causing the incident and respond appropriately. 

AI And Anomaly Detection

The first way this technology will be useful is during unusual events. For example, if there is a gunshot, a sudden spike in temperature in the office, or a broken window, the AI will detect this event. It will then use the collected data to determine the difference between a threatening event versus a non-threatening event. Then take the necessary action during a threatening event. This not only ensures threatening events will be taken care of, it helps security personnel maximize and efficiently use their resources.

AI And Human Activity Recognition

Another way AI will support security professionals is by monitoring human activity. AI tools can be used to distinguish between an animal and a human in an area. It can identify access entry anomalies like walking the wrong way through an entrance or exit or even piggybacking on someone else’s access credentials. AI can also use data sets to learn typical human behavior and identify unusual incidents. As AI continues to learn and refine the more data it is given, over time the possibilities of this technology are endless.

All of these advanced AI tools can help support the security of your Fort Wayne business. By incorporating AI into your system, your security team will be more effective at identifying and responding to threats. As this technology is very new, it is important to not only work with a highly knowledgeable developer and implementation expert, but also someone who can program the software with local data collected from around Fort Wayne to ensure it can identify and respond to the threats that your business will face.