Four Tips To Secure Your Smart Devices

September 26th, 2023

We have all read scary news stories about hackers attacking smart devices. We have also seen the news report about someone hacking into a smart baby monitor to harass and torment a family. As a result, a lot of us are now wary of bringing smart devices into our homes.

Although the threat of hackers is very real, smart devices are still considered safe and can help provide your Fort Wayne home and family with more security. However, you have to take the necessary steps to make sure they are fully protected. Here are the ones that we suggest for you to do:

Read The Manufacturer’s Instructions

Before activating any smart device, take some time to read the manufacturer’s instructions. Those usually include a section on how to secure your device. Understanding the security protocols you should take with your new system will help you make sure that it is secure against hackers. Also, before buying any smart device for your Fort Wayne property, it is a good idea to talk to the distributor about how to check if the device is 100% secure.

Set Up Multifactor Authentication 

When you are setting up your device, make sure to opt for multifactor authentication. That is a security protocol requiring two or more steps to authenticate the user’s identity. Those can involve a keyword, a passcode, a text, or even biometric data, depending on the device.

Multifactor authentication creates multiple barriers that hackers need to overcome. Like with a surveillance system, once they see you have implemented robust security measures, they will often move on to an easier target. If you have already set up your device, don’t worry. You can add multifactor authentication at any time.

Use A Password Management Tool 

Most of the passwords people use can be easily guessed by experienced hackers. That is because many individuals often use simple passwords or the same passwords on multiple devices.

Consider getting a password management tool. This will not only help you use stronger passwords that are easier to forget but also securely store your passwords. The latter means no one will ever figure out what they are. The tool will ensure that your passwords are good enough to ward off even the smartest hackers.

Do Not Skip Updates 

Most of us think of updates as a way for companies to add new features to our devices. However, the majority of updates are for the sake of performance and security. When cybersecurity teams identify an emerging threat to the security of their users, they work with the developers to create new security features. Those are made available to the customers through updates. So when you get a notification saying that it is time to update, do not ignore it.

Smart devices are not inherently dangerous. If you take the right protocols, you can protect your Fort Wayne home from digital invasion. Make sure to speak with your trusted security professional about your smart devices. With their industry experience, they will be able to help you secure your home both physically and digitally.