Do You Need A Bullet Camera?

February 25th, 2022

Some home or business owners in Fort Wayne, IN may be thinking about investing in a security camera system. This is always a very wise investment and can act as a great deterrence for crime to even occur on your property. However, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for security camera needs. 

Depending on what kind of security coverage you’re thinking of and even the location, the type of security camera you choose will be a factor. Here, we’re going to look at the bullet camera, and show which types of security needs benefit most from this class of camera. 

What Is A Bullet Camera? 

The security bullet camera gets its name from its shape. While modern cameras don’t precisely resemble the bullets of old, they do still have a pretty close resemblance to shotgun shells, for example, but in general, these are longer tubular cameras. They are also occasionally referred to as “lipstick cameras.” 

The bullet camera is, thanks to its proliferation around the world, the accepted “image” of what a security camera should look like. This means, for deterrence purposes, that people recognize the threat it represents to criminals and makes it plainer that an area covered by these cameras, will be more difficult to succeed at criminal acts without leaving photographic evidence behind. 

An Ideal Outdoor Choice 

One of the chief features of bullet cameras is that they are built to be durable. Not only can they continue to operate at very hot, or sub-zero temperatures, the presence of humidity, or even rain or snow doesn’t interfere with their ability to function. In other words, bullet cameras are designed to tolerate all the varying conditions of outdoor placement. 

This can be especially important for things like parking lot security, where cameras are often nakedly exposed to all the elements. There’s no point in investing in extensive security coverage if it won’t work for a few months out of the year because of winter or heavy rains. 

Versatile Installation 

One of the best things about modern bullet cameras is just how easy they are to install. The various mounting bracket systems guarantee that there will always be a way to place a camera exactly where you want it. However, unlike the bullet cameras of old, today’s cameras run on batteries and are wireless, giving you even more placement options. 

In the past, bullet cameras needed electrical power from wiring and had to transmit their images through cables to a central, dedicated security room. This was one of the reasons why, in the 20th century, only big businesses could afford a security camera system. Today’s bullet cams, however, are not only easier to install, with fewer infrastructure demands, but they are also cheaper too. The images can be stored online so that you can view them through any device, such as a phone, or they can be routed to a computer of your choice. 

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Bullet cameras for outdoor security are a great choice to make for any home or business owner in Fort Wayne, IN. If you’d like to know more about how bullet cameras can protect your property, contact us. We can find the bullet camera solution for you.