Choosing the Right IP Security Camera

October 4th, 2022

There is something to be said for living with peace of mind -- knowing that your loved ones and prized possessions are safe in Fort Wayne, IN. One way to assure safety to both your home and business is to consider installing IP security cameras. Footage captured from an IP security camera is viewable from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or computer. There is a wide variety of IP security cameras for consumers to choose from to fit their specific needs.

Benefits of IP Security Cameras

People with IP security cameras benefit from them in multiple ways. First and foremost, the cameras provide protection to loved ones at home against unwanted guests. Family members can safely go about their daily lives in Fort Wayne, IN knowing that they are safe and secure. Likewise, installing security cameras outside your business can provide the same type of protection. Unwelcome intruders would be kept at bay. Sometimes, just having the cameras visible to potential perpetrators deters them from doing what they originally intended.

IP security cameras can also be used for busy parent who are looking for a way to monitor their children. A camera can be used as a baby monitor so that parents can continue their everyday chores while their children are taking naps. Parents can also use the security cameras to monitor their children's babysitters. It gives parents a sense of security to know what their children are up to at all times.

If you are a business owner in Fort Wayne, IN, using an IP security camera can help you stay in tune with what your employees are doing. The video collected can be used both to monitor productivity and provide information so that you can better coach the staff for improvement. Training and professional development are key to improving employee behavior and overall productivity.

In addition to using IP security cameras to monitor safety and behavior, home and business owners can also turn to video footage if they were to ever have a false insurance claim filed against them. If anyone were to claim they got injured on your property, security footage could be used as evidence to prove that you were not negligent in any way, if that were the case.

Finding the Right IP Security Camera

It is important for you to take time and conduct thorough research before investing in an IP security camera system. There are many features to compare and consider that just purchasing the first thing you see may not give you the expected results. One of the first things you want to consider when trying to identify the right IP security camera is the purpose of installing the devices to begin with. In other words, what level of detail are you looking for the cameras to capture? In some situations, just a broad, general view of the location suffices. Other scenarios may warrant attention to the smallest details a camera can pick up. This is important to consider as it will identify the type of lens you want on the cameras. Sometimes, the field of vision, or width of the captured picture, can play a large role in determining the lens as well.

Along with the level of detail the camera captures is its resolution. Some cameras have extremely low resolutions and the picture is somewhat fuzzy. Others have high resolutions, generating crisp, clear images. Some IP security cameras offer high definition, 1080 dpi for their images and video, making everything extremely clear.

Another consideration is the camera's features. The more you pay for your IP security camera, the more bells and whistles there are to choose from. Some cameras pan and pivot while providing the ability to zoom. The more sophisticated cameras allow owners to tilt them, making it extremely easy to scan a location. There are even some security cameras that sit dormant until triggered through a motion detector. This saves operating costs and bandwidth because the system is only "on" when it detects movement of some sort.

Just as important to consider when looking for the right IP security camera is its filter and lighting. Some cameras are lit from the back, providing a very clear front image. If the location warrants it, you may want to find a camera that has high quality filtering software to soften the brighter white lights. Footage from the camera is insignificant if you cannot see what's going on.

An important factor to take into consideration is your computer system's capacity to store all the footage from the cameras. First of all, you will need enough bandwidth for the camera to record the video. The lower the resolution of the camera, the less bandwidth it will consume. There are even some black and white IP security cameras on the market that help you save on bandwidth consumption.

Second, consider how much space is required to store the video footage. When trying to identify the storage size necessary, it is also imperative to set an amount of time you will keep the footage before erasing and reusing the space. Video surveillance footage does not necessarily need to be saved forever. To help with storage space, you may want to consider looking into security cameras that allow you to save to DVR or a cloud account.

If you are thinking about installing cameras outside in Fort Wayne, IN, there are two important features to consider -- does the camera have night vision and is it waterproof? Since there is no way to predict what mother nature may bring, having a camera that can film clearly on a dark night as well as one that can withstand the elements is extremely beneficial.

Finally, a consideration that all consumers make when preparing to make a significant purchase is the price of the IP security camera system. Basic, indoor cameras can start as low as $80 for the entire setup. Some sophisticated, waterproof cameras with night vision capabilities can cost much more. It all boils down to the features you feel you need to monitor your home and business.

Whether you are looking for still shots or live video streams, IP security cameras are extremely useful and easy to install. There is nothing worth more than the peace of mind you will get when you know you have a system you can rely on to keep your home and business in Fort Wayne, IN safe.