7 Security Systems You Need For Your Apartment

September 25th, 2023

If you live in an apartment, regardless of its size and the building’s security, you still need to take a proactive approach in protecting your unit at all times. That includes investing in the right security devices that can make you feel safe when you are at home.

Since Fort Wayne apartments have different characteristics and are located in neighborhoods with varying safety levels, you need to know what kind of security system you should choose. Security systems in apartments involve many of the same devices used in traditional homes. One huge difference, however, is the length of the contract.

Here are the security systems you need to consider investing in for your apartment in Fort Wayne, IN:

Smoke Detector

The law requires a house to have multiple smoke detectors, but even so, a lot of apartment dwellers pay little attention to them. Ideally, this will be supplied by your landlord. However, if you want to take it to the next level, you can get smart smoke detectors, which are wireless and can be synced with your phone.


Carbon Monoxide Detector 

This is another important security device, and it monitors the levels of carbon monoxide in one’s home. Since carbon monoxide is typically undetectable to the human nose, you need to have a reliable detector inside your property because carbon monoxide in the air can be fatal.


Motion Sensor 

Motion sensors are implemented in various ways—they may sound an alarm, trigger a camera, or turn the lights when they detect movement. In an apartment setting, it is common for them to be paired up with alarm systems. They can also be paired with cameras and lights.


Panic Button

If you live alone, a panic button is an excellent choice. When pressed, it will send a distressed signal to local authorities, which will be dispatched to your location without you having to make a call. You can wear it or install a part of it in your home.


Home Safe

This comes in various shapes and sizes, and they are built to withstand harmful elements. Smaller and portable home safes are ideal for apartments compared to in-wall safes.


Door Stop Alarm

Another IN apartment favorite, a door stop alarm is placed next to a closed door from the inside. Should someone from the outside try to open the door, the door will run into the door stop alarm, which will release a loud siren that will catch the intruder off guard. It can also prevent your door from opening.


Video Doorbell 

This type of security device records a livestream of activity outside the front door, which will allow you to see who comes and goes. A video doorbell comes with an app you can download on your phone, and it will send you notifications whenever the doorbell detects movement.

Are you ready to heighten the security of your apartment? With these security devices, you can easily accomplish that in no time. For reliable security systems, get in touch with our team today.