6 Benefits of HDcctv

December 5th, 2023

HDcctv technology provides many benefits when it comes to video surveillance and security applications Fort Wayne, IN. While it's still a relatively new technology, it's becoming the technology of choice for the security industry Fort Wayne, IN and will continue to be, well into the future. Below are six compelling reasons to choose HDcctv:

Unparalleled Resolution

HDcctv is the only high resolution video surveillance camera connection technology that delivers uncompressed, HDTV-compliant, TV broadcast quality signals in live video viewing. HDcctv's exceptional megapixel quality resolution is especially beneficial for video surveillance; you have the ability to zoom in during live video and playback modes to focus on an area of interest with exceptional clarity and crisp detail. The amount of viewable detail in your recorded video can make a difference when it comes to being able to identify the suspect and link them to the crime, with evidence to prosecute. An analog camera does not have enough pixel resolution to provide the kind of detail and awareness that HDcctv can deliver.

Use Existing Cabling

In most cases, you can install an HDcctv system using your existing coax (RG/59, RG/6 and RG/11) cables without an adapter. HDcctv video cameras are point-to-point, using coax cables to send the video feed directly from the camera to the recording device or DVR, without the need for a network infrastructure. The ability to use existing cabling (versus having to install the network infrastructure needed for an IP megapixel video system) helps reduce overall installation costs.

Zero Latency

The HDcctv video feed travels on its own line with no compression and produces no latency (time delay). In live video mode, HDcctv is smoother than analog and IP, with no skipping or image distortion.

Ease of Installation

With an HDcctv DVR, you don't need a networking or IT background in order to install the system. It features plug-and-play connectivity that's as easy to set up as standard analog CCTV systems. And, unlike an IP-based video system, there's no need to configure or program each device, you simply plug it in.

Ease of Use

With an HDcctv system, the user interface is the same for the operator or installer as a CCTV interface, so no additional training is necessary to operate the system. An HDcctv system is incredibly easy to use.

Upgrade For Less

HDcctv systems allow you to use existing cabling, don't require a network infrastructure, and use less bandwidth, so you will save on cabling, installation and operational costs.