4 Important Details A Good Security Camera Can Spot

March 30th, 2022

Surveillance cameras are a useful part of any company’s security system, and almost every business with a physical location can benefit from installing at least one.  A camera gives you an extra set of eyes, plus a video recording can be very helpful later on in both criminal and civil court cases.  A surveillance camera in the right location and a high enough resolution can spot all kinds of important actions and details, and not all of them are as obvious as you might think.

  1. Thieves And Intruders

This is what most people think a surveillance camera is for, and it’s definitely good at its job.  A good camera can let you watch over your retail space, office area, parking lot, or other vulnerable area, and it gives you a chance to spot what people do when they don’t think anyone is watching.  Clever thieves and professional burglars often have ways to avoid or disable cameras, but modern security cameras have extra protections.  Also, not everyone who commits a crime on your property is going to be a professional.

  1. Civil Liability Incidents

Businesses often have to worry about accidents and injuries that happen on their property.  Slip-and-fall laws can hold companies liable for damages even if their employees are the ones directly at fault, and customers will sometimes lie to extort money from companies.  The hard evidence of camera footage can be solid evidence in your favor, and even if your employees really are responsible it can help a case settle quickly instead of dragging out.

  1. Employee Theft

For many businesses, employee theft is a bigger issue than any number of shoplifters or burglars.  After all, employees enjoy more trust from their employers and have many more opportunities to steal from the company.  Employee theft also takes many forms like stealing products off shelves or out of the stockroom, taking money from the till, defrauding the company when making a deal, and embezzling money directly from company accounts.  Cameras can’t spot every kind of employee theft, but with the right angle they can spot many thefts and deter even more.

  1. Natural Disaster Damage

Insurance companies don’t like to pay out any more than they have to.  That’s why it helps to have physical evidence on your side when you come to them for a claim after your business suffers from a natural disaster or robbery.  Surveillance cameras with a good view of your valuables can prove you had the items you’re claiming for and even show exactly what happened to them.

Security cameras protect you against thieves and burglars, but they can also spot bad employees, incidents that can turn into legal cases later on, certain types of fraud, and the damage caused by a natural disaster.  However, not every surveillance camera is equal:  some are much more effective than others, and some are much better at handling certain tasks like retail surveillance, watching the till, or keeping an eye on your parking lot.  Contact Security Feed to find out more about what types of camera you might need.