Is Your School Doing Enough To Protect Students Teachers And More

November 14th, 2019

Education security has become an important topic over the last decade or so. Why? Well, because pupils have been subjected to all sorts of things during this span. For example, every time an individual turns around, it seems like the news is reporting a new school shooting. Such events take the lives of some victims and leave others injured and scared. Another major problem within many districts is the buying/selling of drugs on the campus.


Yes, this activity does take place on school grounds. It is possible that children are using, buying, and selling the substances on campus. Nobody is just talking about colleges either. Rather, many times, the incidents are happening at middle and high schools as well. Heck, they might even be occurring at primary schools. Peer pressure can lead to more and more students trying the drugs out, which could very well lead to addiction.


Other Issues That Might Affect Students

As if these things weren't enough, there is still more. The possibilities are really endless as to what kids can get themselves into with limited supervision. After all, teachers and faculty members are far outnumbered by pupils, regardless of what school a person visits. The professionals do their best to keep an eye out for misbehavior, but there is only so much that they can do. Other issues that learners could be subjected to on-campus include but are not limited to...

  • Hazing
  • Bullying
  • Alcohol
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Violence


A Suitable Solution

It can prove to be beneficial to install surveillance cameras on the inside of the building as well as outside. Monitors can watch live-feeds between classes to look for suspicious behavior or activities. For example, if one student hands another cash, and in return, he or she receives a small baggy or package, the security team could have just witnessed a drug transaction. In turn, they can spring into action to find out what is truly going on in the hallway.

If the evidence holds true, the members can bring the pupils to the principal's office for disciplinary measures to be taken. Additionally, if the monitor notices somebody walking toward the school entrance with a gun, he or she can sound the alarm and order a lock down to try and prevent the individual from getting inside. Plus, they can contact the police to get them on the scene promptly to investigate the issue. 


Access Control Can Be Helpful Too

When schools are concerned, the main entrance typically remains locked with an access control system. A staff member inside the building usually has to physically push a button for it to unlock. In other words, persons do not gain entrance unless they have the appropriate credentials. Of course, if somebody wants in bad enough, they will find a way in. However, the access control system will at least slow them down and give employees time to contact the authorities.

Does your school need a security system? If so, give ECHO Technologies a call today to learn about your options.