College Campus Security Hurdles

June 7th, 2019

College campuses are places for learning, but they are also becoming places for danger as well. There were approximately 27,000 criminal incidents against persons and property in 2014 on campus as reported by the National Center for Education Statistics. The higher crime rate is partly due to the fact that securing a large college campus can be challenging and comes with its own set of challenges and hurdles. 

A typical college campus in Spencerville, IN consists of several buildings, and each of these buildings may have several floors. It is a lot of areas to cover when it comes to surveillance, and many security teams find themselves struggling to find the right configuration to improve the safety of the students on campus. 

Factors to Consider 

When installing a security system for the Spencerville, IN college campus, several factors need to be taken into considerationand these factors may vary because no two college campuses are alike. These factors will help determine what type of equipment is needed for campus and where it may be needed the most. 

First, what is the crime rate for the campus? Look at crime reports to help determine the crime rate and what the majority of the crimes related to. For example, some campuses may see higher instances of vandalism than others. If this is a major concern, then the security system can be configured to cover potential problem areas. 

Are there other trouble areas you may have noticed around campus? Dark parking lots and poorly lit paths can spell disaster, and these are areas you want to take notice of and better security for the students, faculty, and staff. 

Are there currently any security systems in place on campus? How effective have they been? Finally, does your school have a security guard or a team that patrols the campus during nighttime hours? After answering these questions, you can better determine how comprehensive the security system you need for the campus will be. 

Security System Best Practices 

Whenever you are securing a large property like a college campus, there are a few best practices that should be adhered to. Some of these best practices include having proper and adequate surveillance and security teams in place and installing cameras in problem areas. 

For example, the parking lots should all be equipped with security cameras, and there should also be cameras placed near each entrance and exit. Additionally, all sports facilities should be well secured, and someone should be available to continuously monitor the hallways and walking paths on campus. 

Residence halls should also be equipped with cameras, and other security equipment and cameras should also be mounted in higher and harder to reach areas to adequately monitor all paths, parking garages, and other places where someone might find themselves alone.  

Investing in Campus Security 

Having the right surveillance system in place on your Spencerville campus can help maintain more secure facilities and increase the safety of everyone on campus. They are also a good crime deterrent and can help prevent instances of vandalism and other crime.  

Having access to this security footage can help aid any investigations if something were to happen and it is a good way to improve current campus policies and procedures to make them even more effective.