Which Analog Camera Retrofit Solution Is Right for You?

March 6th, 2024

Previously, offering video quality in Fort Wayne, IN was only possible with IP security cameras. Today, HD over coax has transformed surveillance options. HD over coax provides you the benefits of both the modern HD IP camera technologies and older coaxial technologies. If you cannot find an IP camera solution that meets your needs for long distance surveillance setup, or you are planning to update your old CCTV or coaxial based surveillance systems, choosing an HD over coax solutions makes the upgrade more efficient and attractive. Here are some of the essential details you should know about HD over coax solutions.

Basic Info about HD over Coax Installation

If you are using 75-5 or 75-3 coaxial cable, chances are that your existing cabling in Fort Wayne, IN can work with the new HD over coax technology. HD over coax cameras retail all details similar to IP camera solutions by composing videos, audio and data signals and transmitting them digitally to an HD over coax DVR. IP cameras use compression before transmitting enabling video processing and optimization in the DVR on the receiving end.

Types of HD over Coax Technology

HD over coax solutions handle transmission and decoding differently. The four major classifications of HD over coax technology include:





Even if similar lenses, wiring and sensors are used, each of these technologies will produce different results. What may appear distorted or washed out in one technology might look smooth and crisp on another. Most solutions require the DVRs and Cameras to use the same HD over coax standard to operate optimally. To ensure maximum savings as well as benefits, you choose the right HD over coax technology. After thorough research in Fort Wayne, IN, it was found that the EX-SDI technology outperforms the others.

The Best HD over Coax Technology: EX-SDI

The EX-SDI solution uses a standard RG59 cabling that is present in most analog surveillance systems. It transmits clear 1080p videos more than 1,000 feet. If RG11 is used, this distance multiplies providing resolutions of up to 4k.

The signal of the EX-SDI solution is less vulnerable to external noises and interference. Flawed cables, electrical circuitry, lighting and ground loops are not a concern with this HD over coax solution. After capturing footage, the EX-SDI streams it to DVR uncompressed. Once in the DVR it is then compressed and optimized for storage. Stored footage can easily be reviewed by determining the time you want to view and hitting the play button.

EX-SDI solutions come with a perfect light compensation and attractive colors. It is not prone to overexposing images due to inconsistent lighting. In addition, it can handle wide dynamic range video footages without issues. It performs equally well in low light conditions, as long as the right cameras are installed. Images are clear with no artifacts or image noise while the color is well retained at fat lower lux levels.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your old surveillance system or you just want to design a new system for a company in Fort Wayne, IN, an HD over coax will help you reduce the costs while providing the protection you need. Call us today to help you design and install your new HD over coax solution.