How Much Do You Know About Burglaries?

January 20th, 2023

There are few things more important in this world than keeping your Fort Wayne, IN home and family safe. One of the best ways to protect yourself from burglaries is to think like a burglar, and how do you think like a burglar? You get to know burglars and what makes them tick. Being able to think like a burglar in Fort Wayne, IN lets you stay one step ahead of whatever your local criminals may have planned. 

When you’re thinking a step ahead of burglars, you’re far less likely to be targeted in Fort Wayne, IN. One of the most important things to remember is that burglars want to commit their crimes, get out, and enjoy the spoils without getting caught. When they believe they will be caught, they are far more likely to skip that particular target altogether. 

Simple Burglary Facts 

One of the best ways to get into the mind of today’s burglars is by learning a few simple burglary facts. These let you in on how burglars think and behave, and they’ll give you a foundation you can use to get ahead of whatever they may have planned. A few simple burglary facts include: 

  • A burglary occurs every 13 seconds – Burglars are active, and a burglary occurs around once every 13 seconds in the United States. This shows you how important it is to stay ahead of burglars, and to be vigilant about your home security measures. 

  • The average burglar can get inside in just 60 seconds – Breaking into your home is something the average burglar makes quick work of. It takes the average burglar just 60 seconds to break into your home and gain entry to your space. Anything that makes this length of time longer is something that burglars will see as a deterrent. 

  • 90% of all burglaries occur in residential areas – Residential areas are a massive target for burglars, and for good reason. Too few homeowners take their home security seriously until a break-in occurs, and these residential areas give burglars the “pick of the litter” in terms of properties to break in to. 

  • 65% of burglaries occur while you’re at work – The most popular times for burglars to strike aren’t in the middle of the night, even though darkness provides great cover. Burglaries are most likely to occur between the hours of 10am and 3pm, when you’re most likely to be at work. Burglars prefer an empty, easy, and open space for a clean getaway, so they’ll target homes that are vacant for the day. 

Keeping Your Home Better Secured 

Keeping your home better secured is one of your top defenses against burglaries today. When burglars see that you’ve invested in your home security, they’re far less likely to see your home as an attractive target. When you’re ready to improve your approach to home security, our professionals are here to help. Call us today to see how our security professionals can help you to guard your home against burglaries.