The Best Way to Evaluate the Security of a New Home

October 24th, 2019

Once you have jumped the hurdle of purchasing your new home, it is time to begin thinking about the best way to protect your family and your new investment.

For this reason, every homeowner needs to evaluate the current security system in the home to determine if there are any weaknesses and what additional features the home may need.

Below, you will find some of the best technology features to look for when it is time to either upgrade the current system in a new home or purchase a new one to better secure the property.


Video Surveillance

When you have security cameras strategically placed around the property, you are effectively deterring intruders. With this kind of monitoring system, you can also better evaluate where cameras are and should be installed as well as identify areas that should have additional cameras for better coverage.

When installing your security cameras, you want to make sure they are installed near the front and back doors, around the garage, the staircases, and the windows. All of these are entry points commonly used by intruders to gain entrance to the home.

With video surveillance, you can also use the footage to help identify anyone that has breached your property.


Smart Lights

Another way to secure the home is by having adequate lighting. Many intruders use the cover of darkness to conceal them when they attempt to break into a home. So, if you have good lighting around the property, they won't have the darkness as cover.

If there are currently lights installed, assess their position. You can also check and see if additional lights are needed for the best coverage. Smart lights are a great option for all entry points including the doors, windows, and walkways.

Smart lights can also be scheduled, so you can turn them on and off remotely and give the impression that someone is home at all times. You can also combine your smart lights with some motion sensors for even more protection.


Monitored Alarm Systems

You should also check with the security system to inquire about around the clock monitoring. With 24-hour monitoring services, you can receive alerts and notifications when something is wrong, and these alarms can also notify emergency personnel when needed.

They can also monitor environmental hazards such as high carbon monoxide levels in the home, fires, and floods. After installing these devices, regularly check on the batteries to make sure everything remains in proper working order.



Window and door sensors are good to have and can also go a long way in adding to the overall security of the home. When a door or window is opened, it sets out an audible alarm that notifies you. You can also install sensors that detect when a glass is broken.


Smart Locks

Finally, smart locks are another security feature every home can benefit from. They allow you to monitor who is coming and going. You can also lock and unlock the doors remotely and secure all doors and prevent unauthorized entry.

With so many options available, it is important to discuss your security system with the experts to help determine if you have adequate coverage for your new home.

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