3 Home Security Tips To Teach Your Kids

May 10th, 2019

All parents in Spencerville, IN want to protect their children. Identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities in your home is where it all begins. Creating a plan in the event of an emergency can help kids stay calm when it happens, and provide peace of mind to parents. Here are three important home security tips that all children should learn.  

Teach Them About The Security System

Teach your children about the home security system. Show them how to arm and de-arm it, and explain the different noises that it makes so they won’t be scared if they hear it. Explain how it works, what it does, and what they should do when you leave the house.

Since many alarm systems are connected to a phone, teach them how to answer the phone and let the security company know if it was a false alarm or a serious threat. Be sure they memorize the passcode. Have them repeat it back to you, and tell them that they should not write it down or tell it to strangers.   

Talk About The Doors And Windows

Children have a tendency to forget the importance of locked windows and doors. Open windows in your Spencerville, IN home can entice burglars and intruders as they are easy entry points. Stress the importance of keeping them closed and locked. Get into a routine when you leave the house of assigning everyone a window or a door to lock; no one leaves until everything is set. Prevention is still the best protection.  

Explain What To Do In An Emergency

Even if you do your best to keep your child safe, some situations are unavoidable. There may be scenarios that force your child to leave the house and go outside. Go over the possible situations with your child when it would be appropriate to leave the house. For example:

  • If an intruder breaks into the house (and you already have a home security system), it is okay for them to leave quietly and go to a neighbor’s house.
  • If there appears to be a fire inside, they should leave the house immediately.
  • If they get seriously injured, they should call 9-1-1 for help. When Spencerville, IN emergency services arrive, they should not be afraid of being taken to the hospital.

Give your kids the tools to practice security that will keep them safe and help them stay prepared. When they are old enough to discuss situations like house fires and burglaries, share plans on what to do if something happens. Make sure to practice with them as well, so if it does happen, they won’t be as scared. Take things slow and judge their readiness for the level of discussion you should have with them.

There are all many things that could go wrong when you leave your child home alone, but very few of those things will go wrong. Your child will probably be fine. Just as long as you take time to go over these basic home security rules.