Shoplifting Prevention In Your Store

December 21st, 2022

1 in every 11 people in the United States admit to actively commit shoplifting offenses or admit they have shoplifted in the past. Shoplifting costs businesses throughout the United States billions of dollars each and every year, some of which are businesses in the Fort Wayne, IN area. In order for retail establishments of the Fort Wayne, IN region to be successful, they have to put their inventory out there for their customers, but how can they do this while minimizing their shoplifting risk? 

The best way to limit shoplifting is to focus on security and to create an environment that is unattractive to shoplifters, while still remaining attractive to honest paying customers. Businesses of Fort Wayne, IN rarely take a proactive approach to their security, instead of waiting until something goes wrong to really make the investment in security they should have been making all along. By the time they invest in a worthwhile security strategy, they may have lost thousands in inventory due to shoplifting already. 

Security Strategies To Deter Or Catch Shoplifters 

There are a few things that retailers today can do to deter shoplifting at their retail businesses. Some tips for deterring or catching shoplifters in the act are: 

  • Avoid profiling – You may have an idea in your mind of who a shoplifter is. For most, they think of a female aged between the teenage years and mid-’20s. Not only could you be unfairly mistreating customers, but you could be missing actual shoplifters as you watch those you “think” are most likely to do it. A study was conducted by the University of Florida on shoplifting, and it found that shoplifters are more likely to be men than women, and they’re likely to be gainfully employed. Typically, a shoplifter doesn’t need to shoplift, but the do it for the “rush” or excitement of the experience. 

  • Keep your store organized – A clean and organized store is a store that is much more difficult to shoplift from. Shops that are messy or unorganized show rather plainly how easy it would be to take inventory without that inventory being noticed. Keeping your store clean, open, and organized keeps shoplifters at bay. 

  • Install security cameras – Security cameras are a highly effective shoplifting deterrent, and they can catch shoplifters in the act should an individual attempt inventory theft. If shoppers know that they’re being watched by a security camera, they’ll know that their actions are likely to be seen. A shoplifter wants to take what they want and get out without being caught, and they know this will be far less likely with cameras keeping watch. 

Saving Your Inventory And Pleasing Your Customers 

Retail businesses have to strike a delicate balance of taking care of their customers and taking care of themselves. When it comes to shoplifting, investing in better security and looking at shoplifting from a logical place is important to keep that balance going. If you’re looking for the security measures you need to keep shoplifting at bay, contact us today.